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Imagine if “Who’s going to pay for this” was wiped from your vocabulary?

Let me guess. You would finally understand how the corporate sponsorship process works and enter corporate meetings with full self-assurance. Your pitches would be accepted in record time, funding would come at an overflow, and you’d finally get to provide much more value for your event or program. It could all be so simple, right?

You want to secure the bag, but right now you’re...

Completely stuck, looking for money and wondering if your proposal is strong enough to actually open wallets.
Reaching out to brands with no response, and no guidance of how to improve.
Spending more time researching how to secure funding than actually doing it.

Effort isn’t your problem.

It’s not like you haven’t tried. You have…


The experience to pull off getting the partnership of your dreams, and exceeding your expectations.


Amazing professional relationships, but huge corporate partnerships intimidate you.


Show-stopping ideas that you know could impact thousands of people.

The only thing missing is that connection. You need a plug to connect your from point A (no sponsorships, nothing secured, nothing in the bank) to point b (sponsored and secured).

Hey there! I’m Jessica. Also known as The Sponsorship Lady!

I’m a sponsorship consultant, coach, influencer income strategist and speaker on a mission to make you money. Having worked with companies such as H&R Block, Herbal Essence, Kroger, Wal-Mart and Reebok, I know exactly what it takes to not only get attention, but full-fledged support from the biggest of brands. 

I want to teach you how to craft win-win relationships through my proven methods that have transformed the way global influencers and organizations increase cash flow. Your blueprint to get sponsored and increase profits is right around the corner. Want to know how I did it?

Show up, share your gifts and watch how room will be made for you.

Jessica Chinyelu


She does not hold back.

I had no idea what I was doing with respect to securing dollars to host these events and everything was coming out of pocket. I was able to launch my international event and movement which secured over 90% of the resources through sponsorship dollars.

Nicole Salmon

We have obtained thousands of dollars.

Before signing with a major label, I was an independent artist. I was spending thousands of dollars I didn’t have, with a wife and kids. I was able to tour around the world. She can do the exact same thing for you. I wouldn't have got to this place if it wasn't for her.

Jonathan Traylor

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