VIP Sponsored & Secured Experience

As the CEO of your business, your time is precious and way too limited. Securing sponsorships is going to be the most important thing for your programs and events, but you need support on how to do it or you need someone to do it for you. I’ve got you! 

My goal is to help you develop and implement the best sponsorship sales strategy to help you reach out successfully to brands, create a winning proposal, convert meetings into sponsors and secure long term renewal contracts for your programs.

You don't need to spend hours doing the work. You just need me.

Did you know that sponsorship seekers spend on average 4,500 minutes trying to get sponsored? That’s two weeks of time that you could get back on your calendar. When you’re operating a multi six figure and 7 figure brand, the last thing you need to lose is two weeks of time.

I’ve spent years building solid relationships, making real connections and testing out my methodology for securing corporate sponsorships and brand partnerships.

Now you get to have it all without lifting a finger

Uncertain if you’re the ideal match to collaborate directly with me? Dive into the quiz and find out which services perfectly suit your needs!

At the Sponsorship Lady we best support our clients with the following services:

The Sponsored Society Membership Community

You want access to me, but you don't have the funds for the course or a VIP Day. Join The Sponsored Society, the #1 corporate sponsorship membership community designed to help entrepreneurs and social impact organizations secure partnership funding. You get access to bi-weekly group coaching, monthly Q&A sessions, talks with sponsorship decision makers, weekly sponsorship tips, partnership news and updates, deck audits, and standard templates.

VIP Sponsorship Strategy Day + 90 Day Program

Me and you for 4-6 hours putting in the work together! You’ll walk away from our session with clarity on how to approach your dream sponsors. I’ll provide you with email and proposal templates, contact information to potential partners (warm and cold leads), and a sales tracker for your outreach. Plus, we’ll actually put this strategy to the test and implement what you’ve learned. Also, if you’ve got a team and are looking to train them on best sales practices then this is for you. I work with you and your team over a 3 month period to train them to help your business grow with sponsorship revenue. I teach the strategy, your team will implement or I can help you onboard a Partnership Coordinator.

Your Chief Sponsorship Officer

Hire me to be your Chief Sponsorship Officer. When you hire me, I bring a team with me. You get me as your CSO, an assigned Partnerships Manager, and a Sponsorships Coordinator to help us stay on track. The team checks in with you bi-weekly and you won’t ever have to worry about a thing. We create the proposals, pitch the brands, attend the meetings and so much more to help you secure deals with your dream partners.

We’re a great match for each other if ...

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We’re talking about access to A network of people with six to seven figure bags.

I want to ensure I give you my all and we’re the best fit for each other so please be as detailed and transparent as possible with your responses in this brief application.

We currently have no openings available if you are completing this application with interest in our CSO services. We do not foresee slots opening for this service until 2024.